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Useful Information for Passengers

At Viajes Alear S.A.we are interested in informing you about every aspect of your trip, and providing help when you have any doubts. Here you will find useful information for your trip.

Useful tools

*: You must take into consideration that Argentina is considered by the WHO to be a yellow fever infected zone..

Travel Recommendations

Personal Documentation

  • Valid passport (please remember that some countries request the passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months at the time of arrival)
  • Visa for the destination country if it is required.
  • National ID or Mercosur ID (until it expires)
  • Permission from the father and mother for a minor to leave the country, according to the new rules and regulations of the Immigrations Office.
  • Marriage license or birth certificates when both parents are travelling with minors.

Trip tickets / vouchers

  • Each passenger travel ticket.
  • Coupons for land services.
  • Medical, luggage and cancellation insurance.
  • Valid driver license (Argentine and International in case of travelling to Europe) – Please inquire for under 25 years of age.
  • Valid credit card. Remember to let the company (VISA, AMEX, etc.) know that you are travelling abroad.

Luggage, regulations vary according to each airline and the class you are flying in. Please enquire in each case. In general:

  • Hand luggage should not exceed 22x14x9 inches and cannot weight more than 13 lbs in tourist class and 20 lbs. in business or first class.
  • Some elements are not allowed on board. We advise you to check with the airline.
  • We advise you to identify your luggage with tags with full names and permanent addresses to facilitate locating them it in case of loss.

At the airport

  • Very few airports announce boarding of flights on the PA system, so you should pay attention to the announcements on the monitors.
  • If when arriving at the airport you cannot find your luggage, do not leave before you file the complaint with the airline you travelled with. Request a copy of the complaint form filed which is the only proof that will allow you to obtain compensation in case of luggage loss.


  • We advise you to verify with the carrier flight departure time at least 48 hrs prior to your departure. Even though many carriers do not require any more that you do this, it is convenient to do so in case flights get re-scheduled.
  • In case you do not show up at one of the confirmed flights, you should confirm the rest of the route, because if you do not, the reservations system could “automatically” cancel subsequent flights.
  • When you have connecting flights the luggage is dispatched directly to your final destination, unless the carrier tells you different. It could happen that you need to do immigration and customs at a connecting point. Ask when you check in.
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